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Keyword Readers Tom and Sue

There are 12 story books in this series. this series teaches your child the most common word used in the English language. The entire series introduce..


My Smart Grammar

This series comes with 12 books ;1)Present Tense2)Possession3)Conjunctions4)Adjectives5)Prepositions6)Future tense7)Collective Nouns8)Articles9)Common..


Now I Can Read

Now I Can Read is a progressive reading series for pre-schoolers. It trains the pre-schoolers to talk about their real life situations using Basic Wor..


Phonics Reading

This wonderful handy series books offers an inexpensive and impressive way for parents to help their children build the necessary basic skills to succ..


Menulis adalah satu kemahiran. Untuk menulis anak anak perlu mempunyai beberapa kemahiran lain terl..
Include:1 Set Button Nail Box1 Set Creative Geometry Box1 Set Creative Gear Box36 Gambar3 Pegboard A..
RM207.00 RM129.90
Description: Material: Silicone Color: Random Colors Scope of application: 3 to 12 years old effe..
Details :Sesuai untuk anak seawal 4 tahun.✔ 118 m/s berwarna-warni.✔ Latihan sahaja.✔ Boleh digunaka..
Buku Cerita Allah Cipta Saya  hasil karya Puan Ashikin Hashim ni memang sangat best kerana :➡ S..
5-Minutes Bedtime Reminders For Little Ones Author: Dr Anayasmin AzmiMedium: English LanguageDe..
Included:1 bag, 46pcs colorful buttons, 10 different pictures and storage trayFeature:Match and snap..
RM69.00 RM49.90
1 Pegboard Art1 Storage Tray12 Gambar9 Gear ButtonTerdapat 22 bentuk dan warna yang berbeza. Si keci..
RM69.00 RM49.90
Easier for early learning, help to differentiate shape and colour.This is a set of shape learning pu..
RM69.00 RM49.90
Children can drill colorful screws into the board to make tons of cool designsDrill uses 2 X AA batt..
RM89.90 RM48.00